Friday, July 6, 2012

Power Outage

We just got our power back after 6 days.  We had a terrible wind storm Sunday morning after church.  We were in the grocery store when it hit.  There were so many trees down that it took an hour to get home and multiple detours.  It's usually only a 15 minute drive.  When we got home the power was out and since we have a well that also means no water. 
 I rode Otoelene out Monday morning to survey the damage to the fences.  There were lots of limbs down but nothing very major on the home farm.
 I also rode her out across the creek.  This was her first time crossing by herself.  She did perfect.
 The wind snapped a lot of tops out of trees.
 There was a big walnut across a fence next to the road that J had to cut up and fix the fence.
At least we got some firewood for next winter.  But it's pretty tough cutting wood in 90+ degree heat.  J thinks there is enough wood down to last us for at least 2 years. We also lost the ridge cap off of part of the roof.  The generator burned out the refrigerator so it looks like we will be shopping for a new one.  And the 4 wheeler is now in the shop after the a-arm came off the wheel while I was spraying thistles. 
To be continued.... 

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sally said...

gosh that is scary. But I guess the positive is all the fire wood. We have been watching all the storms in the news each night. Even here in New Zealand we are kept up to date with the mad weather all around the world. I hope you are all feeling a bit safer now ....stay safe

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