Saturday, July 14, 2012

Switzerland Return

 V and E are home from 16 days in Switzerland.  They had a blast but I think were ready to come home.  They went with my 3 sisters.
 This is the front of the house or villa they stayed in but they were in the basement.
And this is the view from the back of the villa.  That is Lake Geneva.  Shania Twain has a villa 2 down from this one. 
 They also went into France and Germany and may have crossed into Italy but weren't sure.
 V saw this field of cows and thought about J.  It looks very peaceful but just as hilly and steep as here.
 They went to lots museums and gardens, the zoo and a chocolate factory and cheese factory.
There were a lot of castles to tour and medieval towns.  They rode public transportation everywhere, trains, trolleys and boats.  They also went to the Matterhorn.  I think the trip was very educational but 2 years of high school French is apparently not enough to be of much use.  E doesn't know where she whats to go next but V would like an all inclusive resort where it is warm.
Thank you three sisters for taking care of everything.


50+ Horses said...

Just gorgeous and what a great experience for the girls! Thanks for sharing. :)

C said...

I hope they did have "a blast". I definitely enjoyed the trip and was very glad that V, E, L and A went too.

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