Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Garden Surprises

The biggest garden surprise is that we have anything in the garden at all after how dry it has been here.  
 I still have some peppers coming on not to mention plenty of tommy toes.
 I don't know how this cucumber hid for so long.  I've been watering them like a flood but they have finally about disappeared.
Then there was this guy.  A different sort of surprise.
What's growing in your neck of the woods?


Crystal said...

ewww that spider is ucky!!!!!

Alica said...

The weeds are still growing here! Seems like they did great in this hot, dry summer...probably mostly because it was too hot and sticky to go tend to them properly! :)

Nell said...

Well, after a hard frost in the middle of June followed by a hot, dry month, and then more rain than the garden could handle in August, we had a terrible garden. What did thrive, however, were my jalapenos. I have those things coming out of my ears! My onions are dong fantastic, too. Other than that, this year's garden certainly won't be one for bragging about. Thank goodness next spring is a whole new chance to redeem myself! HaHa!

C said...

You had some of the best cucumbers I have ever had. Yum. How are the peaches?

Stolpås Gård said...

There is no such spiders in Sweden, luckily! At least what I know ..

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