Monday, September 24, 2012

Me and Jordyn

This was Jordyn's first show.  I'm not sure she has even been to a real show to even watch.  She was very nervous and wasn't even talking to her parents that morning.
 Her mother said Jordyn had brought all of her tack into her room and had laid everything out the night before.  My saddle was too big for her so she brought her own and coordinated the pink vest with her purple pad.  Not much of a smile there before the class.
 Her first class was Beginner Horsemanship.  There were two others on ponies that stuck to Hank like flies.  Jordyn did her best but couldn't remember "outside" diagonal when posting.  Hank was a dream and managed to tolerate the ponies.   I can't help but remember one of my horses when I was in 4-H.  He HATED ponies and would kick them if one came up from behind or try to bite them if they were in front.  One show my sister just stood on the rail and warned me about any impending pony approach.
 Anyway, back to Jordyn.  Check out that smile now.   E asked her later if she wanted to go to another show but Jordyn said, "I think this is enough."
 Her second class, Beginner Pleasure,  wasn't any better on the pony thing.  In fact, now there were 3 ponies with which to contend.   Her and Hank kept it together and...
 WON first place.
 Her first show and a first place and a saddle pad.  I asked her about her earlier comment that one show was enough and she said she changed her mind.  Her mother told me the next day that Jordyn was wanting to find out how to show at State next year.
 For myself, I have decided instead of getting all worked up about the horse's behavior or the judging, I would just concentrate on the fun classes.   So, Thumper and I have been practicing Ride-A-Buck.   This is a bareback class where you keep a dollar bill under your leg while doing the gaits the judge calls for.  It was a very long and hard fought class.  I was against several gaited horses that wouldn't canter despite repeated calls for the canter both ways and stopping from the canter (sort of tricky bareback on a horse that really puts on the breaks when you say whoa).
The judge finally called for an end to the class when the last horse against me never would canter.  Me and Thumper now have a class we can do and we have our first blue ribbon together (and $21 in the envelope).  I guess we'll be practicing for Egg-And-Spoon next.


C said...

Bravo! So you helped organized and run the show. Assisted V and E with their classes. Mentored a budding horse enthusiast. Documented the show and took first place. Great job. I'm sure that you got great help from J. Successful day. I liked the little blast from the past and commentary on those annoying ponies. The ring is so big - why do they clump together? Made me laugh.

Nell said...

You must have been one busy woman that day! I have never heard of a "ride-a-buck" class, but that would be perfect for my kids to practice with.

As for Jordyn, it seems that all it takes is one ribbon to get competition in the blood. HaHa!

fernvalley01 said...

What a great day! I would have lost my dollar at a walk it has been so long since I rode bareback!

Crystal said...

I always admire the ride a buck class, I can not stay on any faster than a walk, just slide right off, lol. Good for Jordyn though, first place is pretty awesome for her first show :)

50+ Horses said...

I think it is just wonderful that you let Jordyn use Hank! Looking at Hank's ears (he really took care of her) and the smile on her face brings a smile to MY face!!!

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