Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tack Review

Well, I broke down and bought J a new saddle pad a while back before the endurance ride. 
 I had done a little bit of internet research and learned about these Toklat Cool Back saddle pads.  Plus Endurance Granny  had recommended them.
 Then, low and behold, I found one at our local tack store.  And I mean one, no color or shape choice.  But it was what I was looking for so I bought it.  It is very thick and fluffy and light weight.  Plus, it doesn't absorb every ounce of sweat like his old one did.
 It replaced this pad I got for Christmas when I was 18.  Let's just say we got the good out of it.   I noticed one day when I helped J unsaddle Jessica that the pad weighed as much as the saddle (not good when you are trying to eliminate excess weight for an endurance ride).  That, plus the mouse holes finally lead to it's replacement.  So far so good with the Cool Back pad.  It did well through the 30 mile ride and is going on another one this weekend.  Oh, and it's machine wash and dry.
If I got him to change saddle pads can the riding tights be far behind?


C said...

It is going to take a big step for J to go to riding tights.

Crystal said...

I got one of those Tolkat pads a few years ago, never heard of them before but I love it, so nice that it can be washed in the machine. Mine is a western style so its square and turquoise, but so awesome!

~Allison said...

I have heard good things about the Tolkat. Tights seem like a stretch. . .haha!

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