Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wet Ride

Our saddle club had a trail ride/cook out on Saturday.  V decided to come home from school to ride with us.
 She was in very good spirits at the beginning of the ride.  Thumper was being good as gold.
After 15 minutes of lunging Jessica was being good too.
 I rode Otoelene on this her second group trail ride.  There were 9 total riding.
 Then it started to rain.  I had rain ponchos but since I hadn't practiced with one on Otoelene I skipped putting it on.  V didn't want to put one on either and she started to freeze.
 Our ride was cut short because no one wanted to ride in the rain.  We did go by this interesting section call "the caves'.
 You can tell by V's posture her attitude had changed.  She left and  J and I waited out the rain.  When it stopped, us and another couple went on another ride that was much more pleasant without the rain.  Otoelene was great, going over numerous logs, fallen trees, rocks and rivers.  She is really turning in to something special.


C said...

That last picture of V tells the tale. But I totally get her reaction to a trail ride in the rain. Go Otoelene go.

Crystal said...

Too bad about the rain, but sounds like Otoelene is pretty cool.

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