Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Goose or Goat

Sissy is still a bother to J.  She gets into the feed of everything else at the barn and goes pretty much anywhere she wants. 
She made it past Thanksgiving but she's getting rather plump.  
Goat for Christmas doesn't sound bad does it?  
On a totally different subject.  Happy Birthday A.


Crystal said...

Hmm Would be odd eating a pet from the yard, we eat our cows, but usually not the ones that hang around the yard all the time. I have never actually eaten goat, is it good.

Happy Birthday to A as well!

C said...

Happy Birthday A.

Goat for Christmas? Not so sure about that.

Alica said...

Hmmm...but she's so cute! I've never tasted goat, either...not sure if I'd like it, or be able to eat it, considering how attached I've gotten to a few of them! On another note...that birthday cake looks pretty tasty!

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