Wednesday, November 14, 2012


The farrier came Monday.  I had the shoes pulled off Thumper and Hank for the winter.  We put just fronts on Otoelene and Jessica in case we have some good weather to go trail riding.  
 Then it was Brother's turn.  He has never had his feet trimmed and they sure needed it.
We've been handling his feet some.  He picked them up good but wasn't the best at standing still.  The farrier was patient and finished without anyone losing their tempers.  His feet look much better now.


Alica said...

I think farriers must have nerves of steel! Glad all went well.

SunnySD said...

That first trim is always a nerve-wracking experience! Glad to hear things went well - I'll bet by next time it'll be old hat :)

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