Monday, November 5, 2012

New Wood Splitter

J, E and I went out to get a load of wood this weekend.  
 E decided to try her hand at splitting the wood instead of just picking it up.
 J's instructions were to "not hit the wedge with the sledge hammer handle."  That was his only request.
 First swing, we did not hear the ring of metal on metal but the dull thud of a wooden handle on a metal wedge.
 Oh well, a few more swings and another wedge,
 and a few more  swings,
 and a split piece of wood.
 Then it was back to just picking up the wood.  You can see it was a bit of a hunt.  J had cut this tree up back in the spring and the grass has now taken it over.
Another truckload of wood ready for the stove.


Cheyenne said...

Its that time again! Doing mine too!

Alica said...

I remember stacking...and stacking...and stacking wood with my Dad. My back sure got tired! (but lucky for him, he had a mechanical wood splitter!)

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