Thursday, November 22, 2012

Run Turkeys Run

Happy Thanksgiving.  I saw these turkeys while going down the driveway the other day.  
I guess they knew Thanksgiving was coming and they were out of here.
V has been wanting to go hunting, E wants to spice up Thanksgiving, and J wants Sissy (the bottle goat) gone.
My suggestion was for V to shot Sissy, E could cook her and J would have his wish.
Don't worry, it didn't happen.
On a different note, I've know for some time that it was just a matter of time, before I would run out of space for pictures on my Picasa account to which this blog is linked.  I ran out yesterday.   I recently found another photo storage site, Photobucket, and this is my first post linking to an account there.
Looks like it might work for me.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Alica said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Appears they got the memo......

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Goat Borrower

Story said...

Every time I see turkeys running I say "they're running like Thanksgiving was after them!"

Happy Thanksgiving!

Crystal said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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