Friday, November 16, 2012

Yet Another Load

We just sent off our third load of cattle this year to the feedlot Nebraska.  
 We didn't have enough of our own to make a load so J bought steers from two of our friends.  The calves have all been weaned and vaccinated and kept at their home farms until today when we all hauled to the local stockyard to weigh and meet the tractor trailer.
 We weighed ours as a group but one seller wanted individual weights on all of his cattle.
 The stockyard is a little more high tech than our neighbors scales where we usually haul ours from.
 We ended up with a little more weight than the trucker wanted to haul so we kept 2 of ours out and brought  them back home.
Now it's a 22 hour wait and hope they get out there safe and nothing gets sick and corn prices don't go through the roof and the weather stays reasonable and maybe June cattle futures go up and people keep eating beef, it's what's for dinner.


Alica said...

So many variables! That's a long trip for them...I hope too, they do well!

Crystal said...

It really is a variable market isn't it?? I worked for a ranch and quite often their yearlings went to Nebraska, sure a long ways away!

Mary Ann said...

A long long trip, I hope they make it okay.

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