Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Little Bit of Pear Sauce Helps the Medicine Go Down

Over the years I think I have perfected my horse medicine giving technique.  I don't know what it is here, but just about every horse we have has had a hoof abscess at one time or another.  Right now Brother is the one affected.   And none of the horses will consistently eat the medicine in grain.   Brother won't even eat the grain without any medicine. 
So, I first start with the tablets in a mortar and pestle that came in my sister's chemistry kit 40 years ago.  (By the way thanks A, in case you've been missing it) 
It does a good job pulverizing the tablets. 
Next, a little pear sauce for flavor and consistency.   My nephew M, would think this a terrible waste of pear sauce. 
Then into the syringe. 
Notice the tip has been cut off and the hole opened up so the larger pill chunks don't plug it up. 
Our beautiful weather has been replaced with cold rain and Brother has been soaked.  
A little maneuvering and the medicine has been successfully administered.  He then went to the barn for some drying off time.  Pictures of what happened his first time in the barn tomorrow.


fernvalley01 said...

perfect technique, can I have a case of pear sauce please? Its just for my horses, yeah just the horses LOL

Nell said...

This whole syringe technique was my back-up plan with our old horse who hates apples. Thankfully it never came to that, but I'm certainly going to put the technique in my back pocket for the future. Hope Brother is back to 100% soon.

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