Friday, January 4, 2013

Merry Christmas Goats

The goats had their yearly Christmas present today.
"Who's that?  Is it Santa?"
"Looks like he's got a big present for us!"
Quick, out of the way Santa so the girls can see what you brought them.  
"num, num, num, this is good stuff"
"There's still a little more room, come on."
Guess we'll see what's left tomorrow.
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fernvalley01 said...

cool, did not know the goats would like that

C said...

Narration made me smile

Alica said...

Now that's recycling at it's best! :)

Tayet @ Farm Life at its Best said...

Just hopped over from Farm Chicks Kitchen. We use a fake tree for X-Mas, but if we had a real one, I'd give it to my goats!


Crystal said...

Haha sure looks like a good use for a tree :0)

Mary Ann said...

What a great use for the cast-out tree!

edenhills said...

Don't tell my goats. They'd be so jealous!

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