Monday, January 14, 2013


The weather was beautiful today, high of 71, amazing.  It was a perfect day to try out my new Christmas presents. 
This was the helmet before, 
and this is after, with the new Da Brim helmet brim my brother got me.  It will be great in the summer to keep the sun off my face.  
And this is Otoelene's new Toklat cool back saddle pad.  I think the color looks good on her and matches the reins I got for her last year.  We're ready for the trails.   I had a nice ride breaking in the new equipment.


fernvalley01 said...

very nice,I like the helmet brim, better then the cowboy hat covers they make , those seem to make a helmet into a 10 gallon hat

Ruthlynn said...

Thank you for posting Da Brim. I was looking for just this type of device for summer trail riding.I have not seen it in any of the trail magazines.

Crystal said...

I think I have the same saddle pad int he same color, lol. I love it! And it does look good on her.

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