Sunday, January 20, 2013

Snow and No Power

The wind blows, we lose power.  It rains, we lose power.  And it snows, and we lose power.  I'm getting a little tired of this.  Anyway, we were hit with our first snow of the season, 13 inches in 6 hours (in which I had to drive home during the worst of, took 1 hour for a 20 min. trip).  
The power was out when I got home.  I had called several restaurant before I left work to find something for supper but everything was closed because of the snow.  When I got home J said, shouldn't we put the cable across the cattle guard so the horses don't walk across since it's filled in with snow.  I said they probably wouldn't wander down there.  I hate it when J's right.  The next morning these three were where they belonged.  Yes, Hank the Wonder Horse stayed in.  
But someone else was out. 
And there's another escapee. 
Pep, Jessica and Otoelene all went on a nighttime escapade. 
Luckily, after crossing the cattle guard they turned and went back up the hill and not down toward the road. 
I think maybe some of these downed trees might have discouraged them from going that way.   But we got them back and no harm done.
The power finally came back on last night.  E was very glad.  I think she had had her fill of playing board games with me.


cheyenne jones said...

Now thats some snow! Glad the ponies are ok, good luck.

Alica said...

That's a ton of snow! Hope your power is back on soon!

Ian Holland said...

When hubby wants to buy a new toy, like a back-up generator, you need to listen. ;-}}

fernvalley01 said...

I always fear power outages in the winter, it means frozen watering bowls and the ensuing mess

Nell said...

I feel your pain. Our power goes out if a bird sneezes on the line. I reset my clocks constantly.

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