Saturday, March 2, 2013

Freezer Beef

Minnie was our beef last year (see here).  Because she was so small we kept the whole beef. 
 This year J has been feeding a Hereford heifer that didn't breed.  Sissy has been enjoying staying (and eating) in the barn lot with her.
 After 3 months on grain it was time to take her to the meat processor.
We ended up selling 1/2 of her to our neighbor.  This will be our first CHB, certified hereford beef.  Hope she's as good as Minnie.


Alica said...

We've used Holstein/Angus crosses, and once a pure Holstein, but our favorite has been a Holstein/Hereford cross!

Crystal said...

mmm she looks tasty :) We always keep back a heifer that wasnt bred to eat as well. Nice to have all that beef in the freezer. We only eat half as well and parents in law get the other half, works well.

Kim said...

It's always nice to put beef in the freezer and it's especially good when you have grown it yourself!

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