Saturday, March 30, 2013

Herd Relocation

Since the goats have started their second round of kidding, they have been having them everywhere.  

They have been up in the rocks above the house and out in the hay field.  This makes it very difficult to check on them since they are so spread out.  
 So yesterday we rounded them up and moved them to the field below the barn.
 The older kids are enjoying the round bale.  
 It will be much easier to keep an eye on the ones kidding now.
These two had just kidded before we moved the others and the little ones were not strong enough to go so we left them in the hay field overnight.  Once again Bumble and Bea showed their amazing instincts.  Bumble went with the lager part of the herd and Bea stayed out with these two.  Unbelievable.   
I've ended up with two more bottle babies so far.  The larger one is the twin I mentioned a couple of days ago.  The little tan one was a triplet born yesterday.  She was out of it and too weak to nurse and the nanny was too wild to work with.  J caught another one that had just kidded so I could milk her to give this one some colostrum.  Names anyone?

Kid count 34


Tayet said...

Chicky for the tiny tan girl. I had a baby goat that looked like the bigger one, we named her Gracie.

Willow said...

Oh so darn adorable baby goats are. Trinket is a good name for one of your babes, I think the little tan one would like it she could be Tanna Trinket ...always good to have two names :)

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