Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Making Friends

Between one thing or another it has never suited to put Brother with the other horses.  Yesterday was finally the day.  The ground was the driest it's been since November, Bother was about over his lameness from a hoof abscess, I was home for the day in case anything bad happened and there were no other animals (other than a large steer) in the field that I wanted to use. 
 Apparently, the grass here must be superior to where he was because when I moved Brother, all's he did was eat.
 The general conscience had been to put the meanest horse in first so it was Jessica's turn.  This turned out uneventful as all she did at first was eat.
 The she had a brief spurt of running,
 a short greeting,
 and back to eating.
 Otoelene has been extremely interested in Brother, so I got her next.  They had a brief greeting,
 then back to everyone eating.  I decided nothing was going to happen until they all got full and sure enough when I looked out this morning they were all thundering around the field.  Of course by the time I got down there with my camera they were done and back to eating.  (oh, and Sissy does come and go out of the field as she pleases - white dot on the hill)
The rest of the herd is still waiting for their turn.

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