Saturday, May 18, 2013

10th Grade Awards

E came home with an arm load of academic awards Tuesday. 
 The first one was given out during the Senior Scholarship awards.  E was very surprised to get a $100 award in French from the Rotary Club.  She later asked if she should put it in her college fund.  I said, "You don't have a college fund, my working is your college fund."  I told a colleague of mine that and she said she had had a college fund for her son.  She saved for 18 years and it paid for one semester for the college he chose to go to.
E also got Most Outstanding in English, Highest Average in French 3, Highest Average in Algebra II, Highest Average in Biology and Most Outstanding in PE/Drivers Ed.  No award for home ec. guess we can't have everything.  We are very proud of you E, great job!

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C said...

E - those are all fantastic. Congratulations on all the awards!

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