Monday, May 6, 2013

Fire Department Fishing Tournament

Every year since we bought our farm, the local fire department has asked us to use our creek for it's annual fishing tournament.  We have about a mile of creek frontage which is very sought after by fishermen.    
 The fire department stocks the creek for the 2 day tournament and people camp out and make a weekend out of it.  After the first day the largest fish was 6 pounds 15 oz, but I was told that they had put in some 9 pounders.
We were working cattle Saturday so we didn't stop (you can just see some people fishing from the bank).  The part I like is the fish fry/pot luck afterwards that the department invites us to as a thank you.  This year they even had a bluegrass band as entertainment.  I ate way too much.   We have tried fishing during and after the tournament and have yet to catch a fish.  If the weather ever clears up maybe I'll give it another try.

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