Monday, May 20, 2013

First Show

J and I had a great time at our first show of the year.  V and E were with uncle M at the beach, so we decided to just go and take our own horses.  
 This was Brother's first time going anywhere.  He loaded onto the horse trailer perfect.  It was his first time on that too.
 He was in the first class, Western Halter.  Wouldn't it be nice if he got first?  Oh well, we didn't place in a class of 10.  He was the youngest horse in the class and just didn't have the muscling of the others.  But he stayed calm and listened for the most part.  He stayed quietly at the trailer for the rest of the show.  It was a very good outing for him.
 The show had a good pay back for all of the classes.  As long as you were in the top 4 you at least got your entry fee back.  So, I went in Adult Showmanship.  Otoelene's pivot could have been a little sharper, we were 2nd out of 3.
 I took her in her first cantering class.  She did well, stayed calm and slow but it took nearly half the ring for me to get her to canter the second way. 4th out of 5.  The judge said she was making a real nice mare. (He had see me show her last year)  I told him that so far she is still just pony height.  He said she would be a super pony. (E are you listening?)
Our best class was Adult walk/jog.  
We placed 2nd out of 8.  I was very proud of how quiet and consistent she was all day.  It was a great start to the show season. (And we were only out a $5 gate fee and gas).  Now we just need to add V and E to the next one.
Didn't J take some great pictures!

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SheMovedtoTexas said...

Great show! She's a pretty little mare.

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