Thursday, May 16, 2013

Of Bees and Grapes

The bees swarmed again.  I was coming up from the barn and noticed a lot of activity around the hive.  When I went back after lunch I saw this. 
 A swarm was hanging off of the same tree branch that had a swarm a couple of years ago.
 We called a neighbor with bees and he came and got the swarm.  We have a new hive for ours and hope he will get them moved into it soon.
 Since they were calling for frost Monday night, I tried covering the plants that I thought might be in danger of damage.  The grape vines were at a very tender stage.
Even with covering they still got a little frost bite, but not so much I think it will hurt anything.


Alica said...

Ok, this might be a dumb question...from a "non-bee person"...but don't you worry about getting stung by all those bees? I suppose there is a "safe" way to handle them, but I hurt just thinking about it! :)

Alex King said...

These cold nights in Harrisonburg have proven tough for the Mennonite farmers down the road. Driving by I have noticed that they cover their plants more often, the grapes included. Hopefully it's not too detremintal to them since I look forward to when their produce will be ready to sell at the Farmer's Market.

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