Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Way Too Much Water

We have had another 2 inches of rain on already saturated ground.  That means lots of run off (the perils of living on a steep farm). 
 The springs are overflowing and water is running down any crevice.
 We have several culverts which always seem to get blocked up when it rains hard.
 J spent 15 minutes digging this one out.
 Success, at least until the next rain.
And never waste an opportunity to dig up a thistle if you are walking through a field with a shovel.


CDH said...

Send us some of your rain! We've had dry dry weather. 2 weeks ago it was in the upper teens/low 20's overnight. Now its hot and dry. Not good for our grass crop. Luckily we do have a creek running through the ranch that we irrigate the meadows with. But the range land looks rough. Where in the east are you located?

Alica said...

Water...too much or too little...either way causes problems! I need to call my sister in Harrisonburg...I wonder how much they got!

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