Friday, June 7, 2013

End of an Era

We advertised our round baler on Craig's List and sold it today.  
 They had actually come to get it last week but it wouldn't fit on the truck they brought so they came back today to get it.
 There was much discussion on how to load it.
 Emma kept a watchful eye on the proceedings.
Then off it went.  My grandfather had bought it in 1992.  It was the first round baler in the valley where he farmed.  My grandfather was also the first one in the valley to farm without horses.  When he purchased the farm at an auction everyone said he needed to buy the horses too but he bought a tractor instead.  I always thought of Grandpa as a trend setter.  He was a wonderful roll model, always ready with a good story and a laugh and able to get along with people of any age.  When he retired from dairy farming and went to beef cattle he started making more hay than he needed and sold quite a bit.  J now buys all of our hay so we no longer needed the round baler, plus it only made a 4x4 bale.  If we went back to making hay a 5x5 would be better, less waste.   J sold the mower a couple of years ago so that just leaves the rake.  I have a lot of good memories making hay with grandpa.  I don't miss the work but I do miss him.


Alica said...

When the kids and I were in Virginia last weekend, we saw lots and lots of round bales all over the valley. We saw one rolling, end over end, down a hillside with a "helpless" farmer looking on. Luckily the hi-tensile fence at the bottom of the hill appeared to stop it without breaking!

12Paws said...

" . . . times are a-changin'" but the memories stay the same & often grow sweeter on the wings of time. I enjoy your blog!

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