Sunday, June 2, 2013

Show Results

We took Otoelene and Brother to another show on Saturday.  It was Brother's second time out.  He had done so well on Friday when I rode him that I thought I might be able to show him in a walk/jog class.  Once we got there it dawned on me that I've only ridden him in our outdoor arena 3 times and that maybe the 4th time riding outside shouldn't be in a horse show.   We got there in time to use the arena before the show started so I sent E in with Otoelene and I lunged Brother.  He seemed safe enough so I went ahead and got on.  We walked and trotted but he never really relaxed and was terrified of the "scary" part of the ring.(more on that later), so he spent the rest of the show at the trailer.  I still think it was a success having ridden him somewhere else and not losing control.  
 E did a good job warming up Otoelene and I took her in Open Go As You Please.
 The class was full of all kinds of horses.  She doesn't really care for things going past her in funny gaits.  She has a tendency to get a little tense and speed up.
 You can see the variety.  We ended up not so well in 6th out of 8.
 Our next class was Adult  Western Pleasure where she had to lope.  She did much better picking up the lope quicker than the last show but she too didn't like the "scary" spot.  (J did a great job getting a loping picture with he head down pretty).  We were 3rd out of 4.  There was a 75% pay back ($10 entry fee) and some how that equated to $7.
 E had much better success in her youth classes.  She was 1st out of 3 in Youth Western Pleasure ($6 back), and 1st out of 4 in Pony Go As You Please ($8 back).  Made no since that I got $7 for 3rd.
 Here is the scary spot.  The announcer stand was in the shade,  had a flag, Americana Bunting, (it was a windy day) flowers, ferns and two 4 foot high fans running right next to the rail.  I'm surprised I got a picture of E this close to the rail there.
 Then E had her own everything class to deal with, Youth Go As You Please.  She managed 4th out of 9 and got $11 back.  A pretty good day all in all.
Otoelene had to turn around and go back to the same town but different ring today.  The State 4-H has added another hoop for 4-Her's to jump through that want to show at the State Show in September.  Now any horse and rider combo that hasn't previously shown there needs to pass a "skills test".  The only one that was near by was today in the rain.  E did good with Otoelene and passed so now she is Pep's backup which means knowing the condition of Pep's feet probably means Otoelene will be going.   Stay tuned for that saga.


Crystal said...

Otelene is really getting to be a nice show pony! And I agree a good day for Brother even if he was only ridden around and standing at the trailer is a good lesson in itself.

SheMovedtoTexas said...

Nice job at the show!

fernvalley01 said...

She sure is a gorgeous girl!

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