Thursday, July 4, 2013

4R's Family Vacation, Day 5

We left the grain bins of western Nebraska for the Indian Reservation of South Dakota.
The scenery was beautiful but the living conditions of the Indians was depressing. 
We then drove through my favorite, The Bad Lands.  Who cound get tired of this.
We hiked the Notch trail, 1.5 miles total.  The views are stunning everywhere you look.  J, through all the different terrain that we have been in so far, has continued to comment on what it would be like to ride Jessica in it.  I think he would really like to go on an endurance ride out here somewhere.
Can't bypass Wall Drug, well maybe I can if I ever make it out here again, pretty over priced.
Then Mt. Rushmore!  This time I could actually see it, no fog.
It really is amazing.
This was the historical overlook.  I think this is where I had my picture taken the last time I really saw The faces, when I was three.
We happened to catch a hoop dancing demonstration by a Lakota hoop dancer.  She was a two time national hoop dance champion, very impressive.
We then left South Dakota and headed to Wyoming .
Spending the night in Lusk.  No idea what we are doing next.
The clerk at tonight's motel was wearing a cowboy hat.  She originally priced the room at $149.
I asked if there were any discounts and she said the standard, AARP and triple A.  I threw out the National Cattlemen's Beef Association and the American Paint Horse Association.  Guess what, she had a paint horse and finally knocked the room down to $99.  Every bit helps.


C said...

Good negotiating!!

I would have really wanted to see this part of the trip. Stunning. And to see Mt Rushmore again with you would have been funny.

50+ Horses said...

Enjoying Posts of your vacation and the pictures. Can't wait to see where you go to next!

Crystal said...

Oh looks so cool, so many places I would like to see!

Nell said...

We have friends in Nebraska and they are always trying to convince us to move there. Looks beautiful! You should come to Arizona, next. :)

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