Saturday, August 17, 2013

First Day of School

E's first day of school was actually August 2nd.  She goes to the Governor's School for math and science in the mornings the regular school after lunch.  The Governor's school is 2 counties away so she has been getting up at 5 to get ready then drive to the regular school to catch the bus to go to Governor's school.  
 I've only seen her this first morning.  She has been good about getting herself up and gone on time.  She is back by lunch because regular school doesn't start until next week.  By the way, I am now learning Chemistry for the 3rd time.  What is it about chemistry no one seems to get?
 Anyway, the controversy comes over what E gets to drive to school.  On the days I don't work she is taking the Rav.   Then on the other days the LTD.   But V will be going back to college next week and needing a car.
Can you see the problem?  There had been much fighting discussion over who has to gets to drive the 1989  LTD.  We might actually have to go car shopping sometime.


Alica said...

LOL! My hubby would probably choose the LTD! I'd choose the Rav, hands down! :)

CDH said...

Who ever has to travel the farthest gets the economy car!? :) Which is probably the LTD. Thats what the hubby would say.

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