Monday, August 19, 2013

New Job For Jessica

True to his word, J decided to round up the weaned fall calves on horse back.  But this time he chose Jessica instead of Hank so I got to ride him.  
 The calves were on the backside of the hill in front of the house with the horses.  They were being sent out to Nebraska today so we got them in the barn field yesterday.
 Jessica was pulling some of her old tricks and trying to act spooky when J caught her so to play it safe he used his endurance helmet.
But there were no worries.  As soon as she saw that he wasn't falling for her bully tactics she settled down and did great.  
 You can get a little idea of the steepness from this picture.  
Then up and over and down to the water tank.
"Uh oh," says Hank, "there are only 34, you said there should be 38."  So back out and around the field.  
 "There they are."  Hank found them under some hedge apple trees.
Jessica looks like an old pro with the cattle now.  J was very pleased.  Now they are on the truck headed for Circle 5 Feed yard.

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CDH said...

Way to go J and Jessica! She looks happy to work the cows. That sure is some green, beautiful country! WOW! The pesky strays. I let me dog hit the trees and they come squirting outta there!

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