Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rough Territory

Our yearling cattle are set to go to the feedlot on Saturday.  They have been on the "back 40" so J wanted to get them up and a little close to the barn.   
 After having such a good, albeit unsuccessful, try at getting the rouge steer up, he decided to give Hank another try.  Usually J is on foot or the 4 wheeler while I ride so both of us on horse back was a new twist.
 Otoelene was a little cautious at the water crossing but went right on through.
 There are lots of ups and downs out here.
 But the view is nice.
Hank did his job and J said he was much fresher afterwards than if he had been of foot.  He says he is doing everything from horseback from now on.
Of course it helps to have Hank the Wonder Horse and Awesome Otoelene to ride.

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CDH said...

That view is pretty nice! :) Horse back is the only way to go! We have so many canyons and rock bluffs that 4 wheelers don't work to round up. Those runaway cows cant get away from a horse and a dog HA! BOO! Wrong way missy!
You have beautiful country to ride in! :)

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