Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Second Year

V left yesterday to start her second year at Virginia Tech.  This year instead of the dorm she will be living with her grandma.  She had such a bad dorm experience last year that I think she is really looking forward to staying at grandma's house.  
Classes don't start until Monday but she was wanting to get moved in and had some text books to exchange.
Before she left she cooked us a dinner.  She was practicing with her healthy recipe app and made us tater tot casserole.  It was delicious.
We tried to get V and E to hug but this is as close as they would get to each other.  Kit Kat was pretty cool about the whole thing.
With all of the horse riding to get ready for this weekend I wasn't able to go with her.  I'll go up next week to help her with her room.  She is staying in my old room so I think there is still some stuff in there I need to move out.
Bye V, we love you and miss you already.


CDH said...

Pretty garden and girl. :) Good luck V, have fun!

Alica said...

What a neat opportunity to spend time with her Grandma! (and I see she got the LTD!) :)

fernvalley01 said...

Best of luck!

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