Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Should Have Stuck With Egg and Spoon

The State 4-H Horse Show is less than a month away.  I've been trying to find a local show for E to take Pep to for a little more practice.  Since Otoelene is the back up horse she needed some practice too, especially in new places.  There just weren't any good shows around so we went to a small local show that they have every month.  It had been 6 years since we last attended one.  One of the rules is "No Firearms Allowed."  You may be in trouble if you have to post that as one of your rules.  But we needed the practice so we went. 
 It was an evening show, starting at 6 pm.  The temp was in the 60's and it was drizzling rain the whole evening.  The turtle neck I chose felt good.  One of the first riding classes was Mule Go As You Please.  The judge switched with someone else and rode in the class.  Then they had a mule race.  The judge's mule tripped and tumbled tail over ears which left the judge too injured to continue with the show.  I'm not sure who replaced him but it could have been the mule owner.  Let me also say that it was noted by several people that it was good to see us there as new faces.  Apparently, it's just the same group every month.  They earn points for year end club awards and I'm sure the replacement judge was a club member.
 Pep and E did their usual thing, a nice ranch type western pleasure (a little too extended for AQHA western pleasure).  There were plenty of obstacles with the umbrellas all around the ring.
Would you believe 4th in Youth Go As You Please with this line up.  In Open GAYP she got 5th out of 12.  The judge pulled out 3 for a work out where one broke for a 1/4 of the ring and still got  3rd.  The 4th place horse was shown in draw reins. (totally illegal show equipment)
Otoelene did pretty good but not her best.  She still doesn't like the secretary stands much.   But she was slow with her head down and picked up her leads well so I was pleased.
But we only managed 5 out of the 6 in this line up.   As I said, I should have stuck with Egg and Spoon.  Otoelene could have gotten the same experience and I wouldn't be so irritated.
Still, I was encouraged with Pep's attitude.  She didn't let the gaited horses running up her tail get to her.   And anytime I can take Otoelene somewhere new that's good too.
Well, the Endurance Ride is this Saturday and that's a whole different ball of wax.


CDH said...

No guns allowed? At a horse show? What the heck! I guess they do get competitive! LOL!

Allison B said...

Hmmmm, must be a competitive bunch! It is good to get out and get the horses used to new experiences, so win for that!

SheMovedtoTexas said...

Showing in draw reins? Are you 2#$@#$# kidding me?!

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