Saturday, August 10, 2013

Thistles and Cattle

No, this is not a back to back "What's Blooming."  This is what's not suppose to be blooming.  
 Thistles.  They are past the point of spraying so now it's time to chop them.
 V has been helping J some with the thistle chopping at our farm up the gravel road.  V says she can appreciate her relaxing time better after having chopped thistles.
 She got a break while J swooked the cattle into the new pasture.
 He studies the cattle any chance he gets.
This has been the wettest summer I can ever remember.  Usually we are in the middle of a drought by now with everything turning brown and dying.  
This year we have more grass than we know what to do with which is a nice change for once.  Most everyone around here is having trouble getting hay up because there aren't enough dry days in a row.  J keeps saying it's going to turn off dry soon and we'll be in a drought again.  The other day it only rained 3 tenths here but an inch down the road.  I joked, "It must be turning dry now."


Mary Ann said...

I have chopped some of those thistles myself in the pasture, it's not fun work. Dug 'em up, too... darn things. Your cattle look good!

Ian H said...

There must be an easier way to get rid of the darn things! Tell V there is a job waiting in my fields for her.

CDH said...

I wish thistles weren't so nasty! I think they are so pretty. Its an on going chore around here too! The roads get sprayed always. And then the patches. ugh! Your cattle look great, so does the grass! I am like J, always checking the cattle.

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