Friday, August 30, 2013

Too Many Peaches

Our little peach tree had a few small peaches last year. 
 J said they were really good and sweet.
 This year the tree is loaded.
 I didn't pay attention to how loaded it really was until it was too late.
The largest main branch has split.  I'm not sure what the tree will look like after we have to saw that one off.  It's still a very young tree so maybe it will be ok.  J has mentioned wanting E to make some peach preserves.


C said...

That looks like some good eating. I hope the lost limb will not make the tree look too bad. Unfortunate to loose such a nice low branch.

sally said...

yum that is one great looking peach tree. Get a plank and cut a v in one end then put the v end at the branch end with the other end below on the ground to prop up those heavy fruit laden branches. We once lived at a house with a black doris plum that got so heavy with fruit it would do the same. A few planks holding the branches up did the trick

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