Sunday, August 18, 2013


We were hauling some cattle out on Saturday and J was having some other people come in with their trailers to help.  We left the cable down that we had across the cattle guard for 15 minutes so they wouldn't have to bother stopping, getting out, letting it down, getting back in, driving across, getting back out, putting it back up and getting back in, like we have to every time we want to go somewhere. (at least for the last 10 days while we have had some weaned fall calves in the horse field helping to eat down the abundance of grass).  
 Any way, E looked out the window and said some cows (in this case a steer and heifer but I digress), were in the yard eating the tree.
 Sure enough 2 had come across the cattle guard and were enjoying themselves in the yard.  They do make nice lawn ornaments but they are a little rough on things.
The first one walked calmly out.
While the second one decided to jump (sorry, no action shot).  Just goes to show that you can't give them an inch or they will take a yard.


C said...

Clever pun.

CDH said...

Living yard art! :)

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