Friday, November 1, 2013

From Wonder Horse to Bad Boy

Hank may have pushed his Wonder Horse status a little too far today.  We got the dreaded early morning phone call saying the horses were all out on highway 21.  Hank usually just jumps the cattle guard into the yard, but on snowy days, when the cattle gaurd has been packed with snow, he has lead some of the other horses astray down the road.  Today there was no snow but it had been very windy and the cattle guard was full of leaves.  Also, we knew he had taught Brother to jump the cattle guard because J had found them before in the yard together.  
Now Bad Boy
 Anyway, we rushed down the driveway in search of the horses.  Little Girl, Pep and Otoelene were all good girls and were still in the field where they belonged.  After several stops and going down dead ends, we finally found the others in the back of someone's yard.  Leading them home I could tell Wrangler was limping.  It looked like he was having a problem with his shoe.
 Well, this was what I found when I got him home.  He somehow managed to pull half off, bend it, and smash it back down over his frog.  It took J and I 20 minutes and half the tools in the toolbox to do what the farrier could do in 2 minutes.  
 Now Wrangler is in the rock free lot.  He is still limping some even without the shoe so I gave him a little Bute.
Hopefully, the farrier will be able to come out before his hoof breaks off too much.  We think he must have gotten hung up in the cattle guard because there were a lot of scratches on the concrete and I couldn't find any other injuries on him anywhere.   And of course, we were wanting to take him to a horse show on Sunday.  Oh well, just hope he recovers soon.


SheMovedtoTexas said...

That stinks! Hope your farrier get sout there soon :)

CDH said...

Yikes! That does look painful. Hope the shoer gets out there soon!

aurora said...

Glad you got everyone back safe. That shoe photo makes me cringe, ouch!

fernvalley01 said...

rotters! that looks painful! poor guy

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