Monday, November 4, 2013

More on Brother's Training

J has decided to try and do more of the farm work on horse back.  Now that he is training Brother, he is finding out how much fun it can be when you have a good horse.  
 Saturday, J needed to rotate the cattle so off we went on Brother and Otoelene.  (Wouldn't it be nice to have gates we could work from horseback?)
 The cattle had to go through one gate and out another.  They are pretty well trained to this and it is usually no trouble.
 They are always anxious to get to new pasture.
 We then rode around some more to different places to get Brother more exposure to all thing on the farm.
 As you can see from all of my picture angles, Brother doesn't mind taking the lead.
 That means J gets to the gates first so he gets to open them.
 I love the texture of these hedge apples.  I wish there was a way to preserve them for decorations.
 We had never taken Brother across Cripple Creek and didn't know how he would do with such a long water crossing.  But there was nothing to worry about.  He took the lead again and plodded right across.
 The wide open bottom didn't even excite him.
 J even worked a little on trotting and turning in the open.
 Then back across and back to the house.
Oh, and Otoelene did great as usual.  It is so nice to have horses that you can take out and go anywhere with and not fear for your life.  Every time we ride them I just keep thinking about going and getting another one to train.  It is so rewarding and they are such good minded horses.


aurora said...

Great photos & ride on absolutely beautiful land!!

fernvalley01 said...

Looks like a great day, moving cows on horseback is a great way to reconnect with the horse and the whole shebang. What pray tell are Hedge apples?

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