Saturday, November 30, 2013


Otoelene and I went out for a nice chilly (28 degrees) morning ride. 
 We've been fortunate enough to not have to start feeding the cattle at the house yet.
 J was rotating them to a different field this morning.  (the pied piper strikes again)
 I thought it would be a good opportunity to let Otoelene do a little work and keep calm while the cattle were moving around.
 She was very interested in getting them to move and was good about keeping her ears on them.  She seems to be figuring out why we work on pivots, roll backs and backing.  We just worked them at a walk but she was very light and responsive.  
 In years past, when we have had a drought, J has had to wean the calves as early as August.  This year he is hoping to keep them on the cows until January.   The calves look good and the cows are still in good shape.  We don't start spring calving until mid March.
It's always satisfying to see them happily grazing new pasture.


CDH said...

Otelene looks like he is very alert. So do the cows. The cows look fat and sassy! Nice.

Crystal said...

Wow not weaning till Jan that will be different! But nice if you have the grass to handle it. Hard to believe its so nice in some places when we have been below freezing for over a month :(

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