Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sale Day

Yesterday was the annual goat roundup and sale.  We had a buyer for all the little one, cull nannies and billies.  
 First step, get everyone in the barn.
  Then we have to crowd them into a small room to start pulling out the nannies we are keeping.
 Then crowd them again into a smaller room to continue the process.
 At this point J has to catch them one at a time  to bring them to the gate to be let out.  After all the nannies and replacement yearlings are pulled out it's time to get on the trailer.
Sissy was first on the trailer again this year but sadly stayed there.  For J's sanity it was better that she go.
We sold 58 head and kept 42 nannies/yearlings and 1 billy.

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