Saturday, November 16, 2013

Speed Limit Required

We finally had some gravel delivered to go on our newly graded driveway.  
 The first load, the driver didn't have the chains hooked on the gate and he dumped the whole load right at the road.  J had to take the tractor and reload the truck so he could try again.
 We had several low spots at the barn so he left par of a load there for J to spread.
Horse Heaven prior to being of fire
 It looks much nicer but only time and rain will tell.
Now we have new gravel from the road all the way to the old barn.  J thinks we need to post speed limit signs because the driveway is for now, nicer than the county gravel roads.


Alica said...

Looks nice! That's quite a long driveway!

CDH said...

It looks so nice with fresh gravel and graded. Speed limit signs would be great.
When my son was learning to drive, we put a rake in the back of the jeep. Every time he peeled out, he had to get out and rake the gravel back! lol! It cured him quick! :)

50+ Horses said...

Ahhh, gravel. To me it's like having a few tons of hay in the barn as winter sets in. Give me that warm, cozy kind of feeling.

(Road looks GREAT!)

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