Tuesday, November 5, 2013

We've Got HONEY

Our little bees have been very busy this summer.  
 The bee guy came a few days ago to rob the hive.  He said we had lots of bees and some good honey.
 He took the honey back to his house and filtered it into a large bucket which he brought back.  For all of this he only kept a couple of pints for himself.
 All's we had to do was open the spigot and run it into jars.  How simple is that!
 And look what we got, 1 quart, 8 pints, and 13 half pints (2 gallons and 1/2 pint total).
It's beautiful and clear and tastes yummy.  Got any good recipes?

1 comment:

Nell said...

So, so jealous of your bees. I've always wanted a hive of my own. I use honey in my honey wheat bread, and I whip up a batch of cinnamon honey butter to spread on rolls. Yummy!

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