Monday, November 25, 2013

What Crazy Friends Get You To Do

I got a call from a friend Friday night wanting me to go with her to pick up an owner surrender rescue horse the next day. She was getting it for a friend whose 11 year old daughter was learning to ride and this was to be her first horse.  "Baily" is a 15.2 hand 11 year old  registered breeding stock Paint gelding.  The story was her husband had had a stroke and they could no longer care for the horse, it needed some hoof work but had been trail ridden all over the east coast.  
After we got there and talked with the owner, we find out that no, it hasn't been trail ridden only ridden around the pasture some when they got it as a 2 year old 9 years ago.  Maybe the previous owner trail rode it but they never did.
 Then we find out that the only time it had been hauled was when they got it 9 years ago but supposedly it just walked right on then.
 Then we find out that no, they have never tied him up but maybe the previous owners had...9 years ago.   He was lame and his feet were in terrible shape and he knew nothing, but he was calm, gentle and not aggressive.  
"Baily" meeting his new owner Hannah.
I managed to get him on the trailer after about 10 minutes but that was when I found out he had never been tied.  He came off backwards and it took another 15 minutes to get him back on.  I had them open the escape door on the side for me but didn't tell them in time to make sure he kept his head above the waist high bar across the doorway while I was closing the divider.  This 15.2 hand 1200 pound animal was able to get under the bar and though the escape door.   After that I gave him 2 cc's of ace and it took 30 more minutes to get him on again.  I got him tied and the divider closed over on him and gave him another 1 1/2 cc's of ace for the 2 hour ride home. When I got in the truck, they were calling me "the horse whisperer."   Amazingly, he backed right off very calmly was lead to the stall and started eating hay.  
I might be busy the next time crazy Aimee asks for a favor.  (Just joking Aimee.)


aurora said...

Looks like a sweet horse. I will never understand how people can live with themselves after misrepresenting horses...hopefully with some good training and care, he can become a safe riding horse. He sure did well for not being worked with in so long.

Aimee Dickenson said...

Kay, you're a saint! He's doing great! He's in the round pen, eating hay, trotting around and having a good time calling to his lady friends in the neighboring pasture. Hannah has been really spending a lot of time with him and he has already bonded to her. Thanks again. Your crazy, but most appreciative friend, Aimee. :)

50+ Horses said...

...You are a good friend...

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