Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bad Hair Day

When I caught Wrangler to ride him yesterday I found him to be quite a mess.  
 His forelock was matted with cockleburs.  
 I didn't think there were many in the horse field because the other horses never seem to have this much trouble.
 Luckily, Wrangler doesn't seem to mind having his forelock combed out.
 Allison B from Adventures With Shyloh described the look once as troll hair.  I thought that was an apt description.
What do you think?
I was trying to think where the trolls were so I could get a picture.  I asked E, "Do you know where a troll is?"  She replied, "What?  Is that a country?"  Where did I go wrong?   Anyway, on my way to the play room to look for trolls, one of my little Christmas trees caught my eye.  Of course, I have an angle troll.  I didn't have to look any further.


aurora said...

Ha ha, troll hair is great description!! My older sister has collected trolls for years. She was so thrilled to see them in the stores again. Wrangler looks so innocent, like that cute angelic troll!

C said...

That is so funny that E did not know what a troll was when we all played endlessly with trolls growing up. Different time and place. Description fits perfectly.

CDH said...

Ha ha ha! Troll hair - that IS so fitting! It also looks like a dreadlock! lol!

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