Monday, May 5, 2014

Another Outing For Brother

I made a last minute decision to go to a horse show on Saturday.  J asked if I wanted to go and I asked what else would he do if I didn't.  His answer was, mow the lawn.  So of course I said let's go because who wants to mow the lawn when there's a horse show to go to.  
 I hadn't been riding Wrangler much, well nothing really for the last week except for Brother on Friday, so I took him.  E was taking her SAT exam so she couldn't go either.  I thought Brother did exceptionally well under the circumstances.   There was a morning gymkhana show then the pleasure show to start at 1:00.  I thought they would take a break between the two divisions to let us warm up in the ring but I was wrong.  I rode a bunch outside the ring but that is just not the same thing as letting the horse walk around and see everything on the inside.
 His first class, Adult Go As You Please, he did well but looked around at everything.  He does well jogging but his head is on a swivel at the walk.  At least his looking doesn't speed up his feet any.   I ended up 4th out of 4 but did better when we came back in for Adult Western Pleasure.
 We won that one even with a crazy gaited horse on his tail for half the class.  We finished with Open Go As You Please and were 2nd out of 7 in that one.  So a red, white and blue day.
I thought there might be a little bit more competition at this show and the wind was really blowing so I even banded his mane.   I also decided to wear my chaps.  It took J's help to get me in them and on the horse however.  But still not too bad for something that I got when I was 16.  Since my show shirt doesn't match the chaps I just wore the shirt I also had from when I was 16. (don't ask - doesn't everyone keep all of their old clothes?)  I think I need to work on the shirt part a little more.
Yet another good experience for Brother.

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