Monday, May 19, 2014

Bad Horse For Sale Pictures #18

STUD.. for sale and MUST go asap. Needs to be gelded he's 6 years old and around 36" but will measure if necessary. NOT for a child or lead line pony and gets aggressive with other horses. I have had him sense this past Thursday. He has had some handling but needs tlc. He is not bad unless other horses are around and allowed me to pick all but his left hind foot up and tap on it with my hand. He ties fairly well and leads nicely but still needs manners. $150 OBO
 Haven't posted this for awhile but I couldn't pass this up without sharing.
 I have absolutely no idea what they are trying to show with this angle.  Maybe that's the left hind foot that can't be picked up.

Looks like he has a nice forelock anyway.


Allison B said...

Kind of looks like Meatball at my barn! What a terrible ad, people have no sense!

Tina said...

Looks as if they are trying to show his roaning with that one pic.

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