Monday, November 10, 2014

Good Help

We were very lucky to have V come home to visit this weekend.  Of course we put her right to work.
 It was time to work the fall calving group.
 The cows got dewormed, vaccinated and ear tagged.  We had not been ear tagging the cows but we are buying some adjoining land that J is worried about the line fences on.  So he's tagging them just in case.
 V had gotten a new flag stick that we tried out.  I really liked it, especially on the cows.  The flapping of the "flag" part really got them moving, so not as much tapping with the stick.
 The calves also got tagged, vaccinated,
 and the bull calves got castrated.  V was a big help here.  I didn't have to hold any tails.  And look at that good attitude she brought.
 The new pens have really been working out well.
All done and headed back to mama.

1 comment:

CDH said...

I like using a flag. My horse doesn't mind it either...that's a good thing! Lol!
Even the bulls respond to it.

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