Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Horse Hair Bracelet

I've been looking at a facebook page of someone that does horse hair jewelry. (Pertra's Horse Hair Jewelry) What she does is beautiful and reasonably priced.  So, of course I couldn't do anything the easy way and just send her the hair.  I had to try to do it myself. 
 I already had the horse hair.  When Lady died I confess, I did cut off her tail and save it.  She had a very unique white tail with a black stripe.
 Then I bought some of these, jewelry ends.
 It took some experimenting but I finally decided I liked 4 strands braided together.
 I raided V and E's craft kits and found this wire and beads that I braided in.
 And this is the final product.
Not too bad for a first effort.  E says I need to use better beads next time and I think I need to find some finer wire.  I just hope the glue holds.  Anyone interested?


CDH said...

Wow. That is really neat. Good job on the first try. Looks good.

fernvalley01 said...

beautiful! I still have the mane hair I took from Jazz, have meant to do something with it but not yet

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