Monday, December 15, 2014

Gift Exchange Win

J fought hard for his pick at the saddle club Christmas party.  It was stolen from him repeatedly but he was steadfast in going after it and finally ended up with it. 
He got an actually useful item, this very nice heavy duty rope halter.  I made the mistake of not being as aggressive about getting a known item and gave up to open something new which ended up being 2 kids games which I was stuck with to the end.  I see some regifting in my future.   Anyway, the halter looks very smart on Brother.
 J hadn't ridden Brother in a couple of weeks or more so we went for a spin this weekend with me on Otoelene.
 I'm so use to Brother doing good that when he gets a little looky I have to just remind myself that he is only 3 after all.
 J stuck with him well
and by the time we went back to the barn he was acting pretty good.  I'm thinking he might be my endurance prospect for next year.  We'll see.

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