Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bad Horse For Sale Pictures #23

This one is so bad it's beyond pitiful.  It really makes me angry and sad that people like this are even allowed to have a horse.  Horses are such a privilege to own yet some people treat them like this. 
For sale or trade $600 11 yr old registered palomino mare kid broke follows you through the field hate to sell but have to downsize her leg is scarred a little because she got in the fence
 There was then some conversation in the comments that included this
 How long ago was she injured?
bout a week and a half
 Is she sound on it?
When ur ridin but when shes in the field she does when its cold
 What kind of fence did she get caught in?
barbwire but it was lose and i didnt know
This horse needs to be rescued not sold.


C said...


CDH said...

Pathetic is right. Sheesh.

Laura Lee said...

Poor horse! Appears to me like she needs some immediate vet care, those cuts are awful looking.

fernvalley01 said...

Oh!I have no words! At least none I dare type! poor girl!

Crystal said...

aww poor girl I bet shes a sweet horse too :(

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