Monday, January 12, 2015

New Riders

 Yesterday was a busy day here at the barn.  V brought her new boyfriend Matt to ride.  He's never even touched a horse before.
 So Hank the Wonder Horse was called into action.
 Matt did really well getting on and steering.  Maybe next time he'll be ready to try and trot.  We had a nice visit getting to know him and they even stayed for supper.
At the same time a colleague and her 7 year old daughter Haley came to ride too.  (I had given the camera to V so I could concentrate on helping Haley.  The pictures are very heavy on Matt and only these 2 of Haley. I should have known better.)  Haley had taken some riding lessons back in the summer and fall with some ancient horses and she has a pony of her own but no real bridle or saddle yet that fits her.  She was so enthusiastic, hugged me, hugged all the horses, wanted to stay until midnight.  I started her out on Otoelene because I was pretty sure Otoelene wouldn't run off with her.    
It wasn't long before I saw the problem.  Haley wants to go fast.  She wasn't satisfied with a western pleasure jog, she wanted to go, go, go.  Otoelene finally figured out what Haley was wanting and turned out looking like a nice hunter pony.  But then Haley wanted to canter.  Otoelene had had enough by this time.  After an hour of fast trotting she bucked a little when we asked to canter and Haley then switched to Hank. She trotted and cantered Hank for another hour until her mother, who had been brave enough to be riding Jessica (sorry, no picture), made her stop.   Haley wanted to buy Hank and take him home.  I had to explain how special Hank is and that his forever home is right here.   I'm sure our horses won her over and she'll be back again soon.


CDH said...

How sweet that V's new boyfriend is taking an interest in her passion. That's cool.

Crystal said...

Always cool to get someone new interested in horses :)

fernvalley01 said...

Hank sounds like a star! Nice to be able to introduce new people to horses with such good ones

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