Friday, January 2, 2015

Pickle Hunt and Post Christmas Feast

It was a good tree. 
 It trimmed to right at 9 feet 3 inches.
 It provided a very long and lively game of Hunting the Pickle.
 Brother-in-law T even broke out the flashlight to try and aid his search for the pickle.  But it took his wife L to come in and find it.  I'll spare my family any more pictures of the hunt because it was a lot of rear ends bending and twisting in every direction to search the tree from every angle. (the one that finds the pickle, a very small 1 inch ornament, wins a prize)
 Now the decorations are all put away and the goats are having their turn.
It was a good tree. 


C said...

It was a beautiful tree. I appreciate not showing up in the report on the pickle hunt.

Camryn said...

We do the pickle hunt too!! Our tree isn't nearly as splendid as yours. Nor edible!

Crystal said...

So what was the prize for finding the pickle?

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